With over 40 years of innovation, the Trittico® Executive is the first and only complete laboratory enclosed in just one machine.

Bravo Trittico Executive VideosTrittico Executive is the first multi-function machine for gelato, chocolate, pastry, and catering. Thanks to its micro-processor, the machine automatically handles the cooking, cooling, and the emulsion of your recipes. Even the least experienced personnel can perform all operations without mistakes or waste. Trittico Executive also allows you to temper white, dark, and milk chocolate: the machines respects the temperatures to the tenth grade using the appropriate temperature sensors and the special patented cooling device to ensure the required accuracy during the whole process! Trittico Executive is equipped with an electronic brain that automatically manages 17 different programs in the hot side and 17 different programs in the cold side. You can also customize many other bakery products, gelato, and refreshments, with great variety and flexibility. Trittico adapts to the professional with ease.

Thanks to the software that controls the speed variator, with Trittico Executive you will be able to make fruits and chocolate sauces, toppings, granitas and semifreddos’s as well as pastry cream, to add more variety to your show-case. We start from nature and create added value for gelato makers.

And it couldn’t be any easier with Trittico Executive, an all in one gelato machine

Gelato Machine pasteurization and freezing processUnique two-tank pasteurization and freezing structure.

Made of one upper vertical tank (1), where the pasteurization begins, and one lower horizontal tank (2), where the pasteurization phase is completed and the mixture is then freezed. The two independent tanks can work simultaneously with the advantage for the artisan to carry on two different processes at the same time. In fact, while the mixture is freezing, it is possible to start a new production cycle, that means the pasteurization of a new product. Because the two tanks are connected through a patented internal conduit ,avoiding any external environment contamination, it guarantees the best hygiene of the products and their absolute quality.

Bravo's patented Ionic System for better GelatoBravo’s patented Ionic System will tell you automatically when your gelato is perfectly CREAMY, DRY with VERY FINE ICE CRYSTALS, delivering an healthy, balanced, soft and creamy gelato, stable in the shop window

This Ionic System determines when the gelato is ready for extraction by understanding when your gelato is dry and contains exactly the right amount of air. This preserve the creaminess and softness that is typical of traditional Italian gelato.

The machine automatically beeps when the gelato is ready to be extracted and it’s at its ideal level of dryness, delivering a perfect gelato texture every single day while maintaining your creativity .

Technical Features

  • Ingredients can be added during each heating or freezing phase
  • Double inverter for upper tank stirrer and batch-freezer mixer
  • Automatic washing system (not available for table top models)
  • Patented internal connection between upper and lower tank
  • Sheet resistance heating system
  • Ionic System control (Bravo patent)
  • Thermal shock due to fast temperature decrease from 85°C to 4°C

Advantages and Strengths

  • Very easy and convenient product loading
  • Mixing speed can be changed either automatically or manually
  • Fast washing operations
  • Max hygiene
  • Very quick heating process, no thermal hysteresis, high temperature precision, product never burns
  • It detects the right percentage of frozen water in the mixture in order to obtain the proper gelato/sorbet consistency and volume
  • It allows the highest sanitizing of the product and the highest hygiene of the mixture

Works with Equilibrio Smart Scale


“Bravo’s Trittico machine creates not only a superior product; it also has multiple functions for great versatility, and saves tremendous time and money. Bravo’s equipment is the answer to tomorrow’s technological needs for our industry.”

The French Pastry School of Chicago


“I find the Trittico Executive indispensable, not only for its speed and precision control, but also for the range of pastry applications possible, well beyond ice cream and gelato.”

MICHAEL LAISKONIS, Creative Director of New York City’s Institute of Culinary Education

“Bravo Trittico is a very versatile and easy to use equipment. We use this machine for a lot of different preparations in our School and all the visiting Chefs are very enthusiastic about it.”

JEAN-MARIE AUBOINE CHOCOLATIER, Master Chocolatier, Owner and President of JMA Chocolates

Bravo Trittico Executive 183
Standup Floor Models
Bravo 305, 457, 610, 1020
305 & 457 Available in air or water-cooled
610 & 1020 Water-Cooled
Counter-top Models
Bravo 183
Available in air or water-cooled
Three bladed mixer in stainless steel Multi-language display Chute for extraction from the upper tank Probe in direct contact with the mix
Three bladed mixer with metal scrapers Special whisk for Table Top models pâte à bombe, butter cream, meringue, etc. available for models 305, 457, 610, 1020 Multi-language display Extraction chute from upper tank.  Jams, fruit jellies,
chocolate, etc…
Probe in direct
contact with
the mix



183 [Table-Top] 305 457 610 1020
Prod. for cycle Gal 0.79 1.32 1.84 2.64 5.28
Average hourly production *1 Gal 3.17/4,75 5.28/7.92 7.92/11.88 11.88/15.85 21.13/31.7
Voltage Volt/Hz/Ph 230/60/3
Refrigeration condenser Water Air Water Air + Water Water Air + Water Water Water
Power hp 7.1 7.2 7.8 7.9 8.4 8.7 12 23.2
Width (A) Gelato Machine SizesIn inches 19.7 19.7 20.1 8.4 20.1 20.1 24 24
Depth (B) 32 32 31.5 38.2 37.4 37.4 37.4 45.3
Depth (C) 34.4 40.7 40.4 40.4 40.4 48.2
Height (H) 33.1 33.1 55.1 55.1 55.1 55.1 55.5 55.7
Weight *2 Lbs 269 564 681 763 1124

*1 Hourly production may change according to type of mixture and finished product density. *2 Water or Air: cooled system self contained. Air+Water: cooled system self contained. *3 The weight of the air cooled machines will be estimated before the shipment

Specification Sheets

Bravo Machine LogoBravo Trittico – Start of the revolution: in 1974 Genesio, founder of Bravo, submitted the first of a long series of patents: Trittico, the first and only complete laboratory enclosed in just one machine, which in less than three square feet can pasteurize and batch freeze high quality artisan gelato. A patent which radically changes the way of thinking the artisan gelato workshop. With Trittico a new way of making gelato has begun: the Trittico method, the new Bravo adventure, one machine that’s the most copied machine in the world today.

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