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Bravo MachinesOur authentic Italian Bravo Machines feature the latest technology while being the most reliable and durable gelato, pastry, chocolate and savory food makers in the industry. Equipment & Concepts distributes Bravo Machines gelato equipment, blast freezers and more to support frozen dessert producers and pastry chefs with a wide range of ice cream, sorbet, and gelato makers to create superior quality frozen desserts.

Bravo is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of professional machines for the production of artisan gelato, pastry, and chocolate.

We invite you to our Southern California showroom for a demonstration of our full range of gelato, pastry, chocolate and savory food machines, supplies, and to discover techniques in distinguishing your business as a top quality food establishment.

Bravo Line of Equipment


Business Executive Evo
Slush Ice
Italian Meringue
Swiss Meringue
Fruit Jelly
Butter Cream
Mousseline Cream
Pâté à bombe
Lemon Curd
English Cream
Chocolate Tempering
Customizable Program
Small Production

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Bravo Machine LogoEver since its foundation in 1967, Bravo has been a leader of a wide range of professional machines for the production of artisan gelato, pastry, and chocolate. Bravo’s history has been built on innovative products and successful ideas such as the philosophy of Trittico in 1974, the concept of multi-purpose machine and has since evolved into its current sixth generation edition.

Trittico M

Trittico M realizes the hot process in one machine. Thanks to its probes, the machine handles the heating and cooling phases with an accurate temperature precision for a perfect gelato.

Trittico Business

All-in-one machine for artisan gelato, granita and toppings. Thanks to its patented Ionic System, your gelato will be perfectly dry and creamy.

Trittico Executive

Pastry multifunctional machine for fillings, whipped creams and jams

Patmatic PT 60

Gelato and premium ice cream base heater, mixer, ager and cooler machine. An indispensable tool for a multi-machine process fits perfectly with Gelmatic M or Trittico series.

Gelmatic M

High-performance batch-freezer that allows obtaining results above market standards. Easy to use, strong and reliable, it makes artisan’s work easy and safe, as it reaches a very low temperature in a very short time.

Bravo G20

An advanced batch freezer for restaurants and coffee shops for gelato and ice cream production The G-20 is a single phase, air-cooled machine, which can fit anywhere, thanks to its compact size.


Quick blast chillers and shock freezer for a safe food! Perfect for gelato, pastry and bakery and catering.


Chills reaching the core of your products, satisfying the highest standards of safety and quality. Room for 14 or 28 trays.