I cannot thank Equipment & Concepts enough for hosting this two-day gelato class! Not only did we learn ¾ hands on ¾ how to make premium products that customers will love, we learned about the business of owning and running a successful gelato business from the ground up. Learning from Maria Coassin was like buying a franchise without the commitment of a franchise. The price we paid for the two-day class was NOTHING compared to the incredible breadth of knowledge Maria shared with us, simply because she, like Tom and Colleen, want to ensure that the art of gelato making is preserved. And while Equipment & Concepts is obviously in business to sell equipment, their passion for helping aspiring gelato shop owners is evident in everything they do. I look forward to continuing this journey with a great deal of optimism for my potential success, because I truly feel that they will “have my back” every step of the way. 

Amy Brandais