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We want to help create your success story too!

ThinkstockPhotos-77741643Equipment and Concepts can help. With our team of industry experts along with our passion to see others succeed we can help you on your way to opening a successful dessert business. Together we can explore and evaluate concept ideas based around your location and demographics.

We are passionate about both Gelato & Ice Cream, especially when made in a true Artisanal method that respects the tradition and long history of these desserts enjoyed worldwide.

There's a movement in America toward Artisan Gelato. The gelato segment can be expected to continue to expand into the double digit percentages of market share within the frozen dessert industry as a whole.

We would like to help bring Artisan Gelato or Artisan Ice creams to your community.

What fuels us most is being a part of our customers planning & opening stages and ultimately feeling that we made a difference in the success of their business. From initial contact we can help supply materials to get you started in the right direction, from supplying examples of business plans to concept ideas and new trend information, to attending our classes with hands on training and recipe development, to CAD design and layout of shop, and lastly onsite training and support at or near the grand opening.

Over the years, Americans tastes have matured. When it comes to food, consumers are better educated, more well-traveled, and have higher expectations than ever before. Americans are beginning to demand the same high quality from frozen desserts as they do in cheese, olive oil and other foods. They no longer want to settle for artificially colored ice cream despite the fond childhood memories it evokes. America is instead discovered two all-natural Italian treats: gelato and sorbet.

According to market analysts, the global ice cream market expanded by 8.7 % in only the first five years of the new millennium and is expected to expand by 16% by 2018. Global revenues for ice cream products which include gelato were an estimated $36 billion in 2005 of which the impulse sector of the ice cream market constituted $10.2 billion or 28% of the total global market. These are powerful trends in any industry and very promising for the gelato segment of the market.

We're excited to help others become successful entrepreneur's in the sweet world of frozen desserts..